How they are related

Isabella Lothrop at 14
How they are related
Elizabeth Campbell (1819-1902) and Mich. Supreme Court Justice Samuel T Douglass (1814-1898)
Samuel T. Douglas (1853-1932) son of Silas Douglas
Dr. Silas H. Douglass (1816-1890), Justice Douglas' brother
The Duffields
Isabella Graham Bethune Duffield (1830-1888) and Dr. Morse Stewart (1818-1906)
Almira Strong and GVN Lothrop (1817-1897)
Isabella Lothrop at 14
Detroit clubs

The circumstances and portrait suggest to me that this could be my grandmother. Some of the information doesnt fit, though.


This is a large portrait of an eighteenth-century young gentleman courtier painted by William Merritt Chase (1849–1915) in 1912. It is actually a prize that was won by the sitter, 14-year-old Isabella Lothrop, for the best costume at Chase’s Bruges summer painting school. Chase brought the painting home and showed it at numerous museum exhibitions before returning it to its owner.

my grandmother was born in 1890, however.

EMy grandmother would have been in her late twenties.