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PEARL LINCOLN (1850-1937)


John Ledyard (1751–1789

John Ledyard was born in Groton, Connecticut, the oldest son of John and Abigail (Hempstead) Ledyard and the nephew of Continental Army Colonel William Ledyard.

My mom had a strong personality which I think she inherited from her ancestors. I have eliminated their last name in some of the biographies to protect my identity here on the internet, but I am hoping if you are clever you will figure it out.

Robert, my second great grandfather, is the patriarch on Gramp's side, an Irish immigrant who created a fortune by establishing a successful furniture business based on mass production, steam powered machinery, the abundance of raw materials and ready transportation in the Cincinnati Ohio area, incredible perserverence, talented associates and a magnetic personality.
Hoyt Sherman, my second great grandmother on Granny's side, was an Iowa pioneer in financial services and real estate. He served as a major in the civil war and is brother to General WT Sherman.
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