Family Reunion 1995 and Geneology

A List Of My American Grandparents
John Alden is my most famous grandfather
7 Isabellas in my family line



Click here to learn about Aunt Jean, who organized the reunion.

Top Row: George, Stu, Serin H, Ted F, Lisa F, Wendy holding Cameron, Dave, Ted, Betsy, Doug, Frank F II

3rd Row: Megan, Kate D, Marian, Katelyn, Caroline, Alexandra, Merideth, Colin, Callie, Emily G

2nd Row: Suzanne D, Tom, Susie H, Seth H, Mary, Jamie, Peggy G, Jay M, Gwynne, Doug, Harry, Brit, Sherm, Mesa, Jim, Jean F

Bottom Row: Bill, Ned H, Frank F III, Lynn R, Edie F holding Jacob Cedar FM, Dwight, Maura, Duncan holding Conner, Ann, Barbara, standing Ann G holding Ben G

How are these folks related, you ask?

GENESIS (a geneology) : HM & Caroline begat H. "Munroe" Campbell (Jr.). Munroe & Isabelle begat HMC III, "Harry, Sr." All these are passed away as are the following displayed in brackets [].

["Harry" Sr., and] Ann begat Henry IV, "Harry", Jr, (who, before Brit, begat Dave and Ted), Bill, Tom (Tom adopted Megan, but not with Suzanne D and stepdaughter Kate D who are now divorced from him) and Sherman. Sherman and Barbara begat Callie.

Henry III's brother George [and Helen] and begat Stu (who married Megan in 2005 [and Robbie].

[H. Munroe's (Jr.)'s only sibling was Douglas, "Bop". Bop & Marian, "Nan" , begat] Marian and Doug Jr. Doug Jr. and Betsy begat Doug III (with Gwynne: Caroline Colin), Dwight (with Wendy: Cameron) & Duncan (with Maura: Alexandra, Merideth, Connor).

Marion and Doug Jr's sister Jean and Frank F2 begat Marsie (and family not pictured), Frank F3 (Frank F 3 begat Ted and Lisa but not by Lynn R, who is now divorced from him. After the reunion Frank married Laura and begat Cody) Susie (Susie and Ned H begat Seth and Serin H) and Edie. Edie F and Jay M created Jacob Cedar FM.

Marion, Doug Jr, Marion and Jean's younger brother Jim married Mesa and begat Jamie (m. Peggy & begat Nyika and Bryce after the reunion), Ann (Ann G and Tim G. begat Katelyn, Emily(not pictured) and Ben G) and Mary (John L. and Cameron J. not pictured)

More to come.