John Alden is my most famous grandfather

A List Of My American Grandparents
John Alden is my most famous grandfather
7 Isabellas in my family line

John Alden (1599- September 12, 1687) is said to be the first person from the Mayflower to set foot on Plymouth Rock in 1620.[1] He was a ship-carpenter by trade and a cooper for Mayflower, which was usually docked at Southampton.[2] He was also one of the founders of Plymouth Colony and the seventh signer of the Mayflower Compact. Distinguished for practical wisdom, integrity and decision, he acquired and retained a commanding influence over his associates.[3] Employed in public business he became the Governor's Assistant, the Duxbury Deputy to the General Court of Plymouth, a member under arms of Capt. Miles Standish's Duxbury Company, a member of Council of War, Treasurer of Plymouth Colony, and Commissioner to Yarmouth.[4]

John Alden (1599 - 1687)
is my 9th great grandfather
Ruth Alden (1627 - 1674)
Daughter of John
Mary Alden Bass (1670 - 1725)
Daughter of Ruth
Jonathan Copeland (1701 - 1790)
Son of Mary Alden
Abigail Copeland (1724 - 1809)
Daughter of Jonathan
Bettie Howard (1751 - 1831)
Daughter of Abigail
Howard Lothrop (1776 - 1857)
Son of Bettie

Howard Lothrop is an ancestor of my grandmother Isabella Lothrop. A brief description of him appears toward the end of the citation below.

Howard's son was US ambassador to Russia

He is also a direct descendent of English kings

Author: J. H. Beers & Co. (1912)

LOTHROP. The Lothrop family, of which the late Frederick Lothrop Ames was a
descendant on his mother's side, is an old family of Massachusetts. The name
Lowthrop, Lothrop or Lathrop is derived from Lowthrope, a small parish in the
wapentake of Dickering, East Riding of Yorkshire, England, four and a half miles
northeast from Great Driffield, and a perpetual curacy in the archdeaconry of
York. The church there was an ancient institution, said to have been built about
the time of Edward III., although there has been no institution to it since 1579.

(I) Mark Lothrop, of the Lothrops from that part of Yorkshire just alluded
to, and who became the progenitor of a considerable branch of the Lothrop family
of New England, was in Salem, Massachusetts Bay Colony, as early as 1643. He is
first mentioned, in the Salem records: "At a meeting of the seven men on the
11th day of the 10th month, 1643, Marke Lothrop is receaved an inhabitant, and
hath a request for some ground neer to his kinsman, Thomas Lothrop. At a meeting
of the selectmen, the 17th 3rd mo. 1652, granted to Hugh Woodberrie, Marke
Lothrop and Thomas Priton a spot of medoe, lying between Benjamin Felten's medoe
and the Great Swamp, near Wenham, to be equally divided between them."

Mark Lothrop was one of the proprietors of Bridgewater, Mass., and was there
in 1656. He took the oath of fidelity the following year, and in 1658 he was
chosen constable; held for about a quarter of a century afterward a prominent
place in the affairs of the town and church. He died Oct. 25, 1685. His estate
was divided among his four children: Elizabeth, Samuel, Mark and Edward, Samuel
acting as administrator of the estate.

(II) Samuel Lothrop, son of Mark, born before 1660, married Mary Downer. He,
as stated above, administered on his father's estate. In his will made in 1724
he refers to himself as "being old." The children of Samuel and Mary (Downer)
Lothrop were: Mary, born in 1683. (married Josiah Keith) ; Samuel, born in
1685.; John, born in 1687; Mark, born in 1689; Sarah, born in 1693 (married
Solomon Packard); Joseph (married Mary, daughter of Joseph Snow); and Edward,
born in 1697.

(III) Samuel Lothrop (2), son of Samuel, born May 17, 1685, died Jan. 13,
1772. He married in 1710 Abial, daughter of Isaac Lazell, and their children
were: Samuel, born in 1711; Isaac,, born in 1714; Sarah, born in 1717 (married
Abiezer Edson); Daniel, born in 1721; and Abial, born in 1729, who married
Israel Alger, Jr.

(IV) Isaac Lothrop, son of Samuel (2), born in 1714, married (first) Nov. 23,
1738, Bethiah, born April 20,1719, daughter of Maj. Edward and Mary (Byram)
Howard, of Bridgewater, Mass. After her death he married (second) April 13,
1742, Patience, daughter of Joseph and Mary (Ames) Alger, of West Bridgewater,
Mass. Mr. Lothrop died Nov. 25, 1774, aged fifty-nine years. Children: Bethiah,
born in 1744; Edmund, born in 1746; Isaac, born in 1748; Zephaniah, born in
1750; Abihail, born in 1752; Nathan, born in 1755; John, born in 1757; Sarah,
born in 1763; Keziah, born in 1767. Of these, Bethiah married Samuel Willis;
Isaac married Sarah, daughter of Adams Bailey, and (second) Betty Hacket;
Abihail married Lemuel Keith, of Easton, Mass.; John married Sarah Cook; Sarah
married John Cook and Keziah married Simeon Lothrop.

(V) Edmund Lothrop, son of Isaac, born in 1746, in Bridgewater, Mass.,
married Sept. 29, 1774; Betty, born May 9, 1751, daughter of George and Abigail
(Copeland) Howard, of Bridgewater, Mass., he a direct descendant of John Howard,
who was among those at Duxbury able to bear arms in 1643 and who in 1645 was
among the original proprietors of Bridgewater, from whom his descent is through
Ephraim Howard and Ephraim Howard (2). George Howard was a soldier and patriot
of the Revolution, serving in Capt. Daniel Lothrop's company, Col. John Bailey's
regiment, for a period of three months and six days.

Edmund Lothrop settled in the town of Easton, where to this day his posterity
has been prominemt and influential in the affairs of the town. He died April 3,
1831. His children were: Howard, born Dec. 17, 1776, in Easton; Isaac, and
Cyrus. The father was a soldier of the Revolution, serving for three months from
Dec. 30, 1777, at Providence, Rhode Island.

(VI) (Hon.) Howard Lothrop, son of Edmund and Betty (Howard), was born Dec.
17, 1776, in the town of Easton, Mass. After his school days were over and at
the age of twenty-one he went to Vermont, where in Pittsford he became
interested, in a furnace. This he became superintendent and owner of and in time
made the enterprise a success. He disposed of it in 1809, and owing to the
failing health of his father returned to Easton and settled on the old
homestead, where he continued to live the remainder of his life, and died Aug.
23, 1857.

Mr. Lothrop was for some nineteen years town clerk of Easton, serving from
1811 to 1827, and from 1833 to 1836, proving a very accurate and competent
officer. He was for many years the clerk of the Taunton North Purchase Company.
From 1823 to 1827 he was a member of the State Legislature, and for the next
four years he was State senator; succeeding this for four years, from 1832 to
1836, he was a member of the Governor's council. He was a candidate for
presidential elector on the Webster ticket in 1836.

Mr. Lothrop was conservative in his opinions; of those opposed to the Rev.
Mr. Sheldon during the great controversy, he remained orthodox in his religious
views. He styled himself a farmer, yet did much business of a partially legal
character, being often called upon to prepare and to execute wills and make the
settlement of estates, for which work his superior business qualities and
excellent judgment especially fitted him.

On June 13, 1805, Mr. Lothrop married Sally, born May 9, 1787, daughter of
Edward and Sarah (Lothrop) Williams, of Easton, Mass. He died Aug. 23, 1857, and
she May 16, 1864. Ten children blessed the marriage, among them being: Edward
W., born March 9, 1808, who died Jan. 26, 1812; De Witt Clinton, born Feb. 21,
1825, who died Aug. 25, 1851 (his wife, Elizabeth Howard, born April 9; 1829,
died Jan. 17, 1896) ; Sarah, who married Hon. Oliver Ames, Jr.; George Van Ness,
at one time United States minister to Russia; Howard Augustus, and Cyrus.

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