7 Isabellas in my family line

A List Of My American Grandparents
John Alden is my most famous grandfather
7 Isabellas in my family line

My grandmother with my uncle George and dad Harry. The school is St George's School in Newport, RI

My Grandmother Isabella Campbell was named after her mother as was her mother
 going back generations.

1.   Isabella Marshall (Mrs. John Graham) b. 1742
2.   Isabella Graham (Mrs. Divie Bethune) b.
3.   Isabella Bethune (Mrs. George Duffield III) b. 1799
4    Isabella (Belle) Duffield (Mrs. Morse Stewart Sr.) b. 1830
5    Isabella (Bell with no "e") Stewart (Mrs. Charles G. Lothrop) b.
6.   Isabella Lothrop (Mrs H. Munroe Campbell Jr) b. 1890
      had two children, my father HMC III and George Lothrop Campbell
7    Isabella Campbell (girl name that probably would have been used)
I have omitted the middle names which are sometimes used and sometimes not.
It get confusing because sometimes the maiden name is used, sometime the married name. I am reading a memoir about Mrs. Stewart who is referred to as IGDS.
Her daughter eventually to be Mrs. Lothrop is IGBS.
I for Isabella, G for Graham, D for Duffield, B for Bethune, S for Stewart
It just occurred to me that my uncle George was probably named after George Duffield.

The pattern of naming children, not a strict rule, was that the first boy is named after the father and the first girl is named after the mother or someone in the mother's family. The second child named from the parent's family who did not name the first child or possibly a relative who had recently passed away. This was a way of honoring ancestors which is disappearing today.

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