H. Munroe Campbell (Jr.) (1885-1970) and Isabelle Graham Duffield Lothrop (1890-1938) m.1917

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Henry "Munroe" Campbell, (Jr.) born in Detroit on June 1, 1885. he graduated from the University of Michigan in 1908 and Harvard Law school in 1911. He practiced law for only a few years in Detriot and became interested in international law and arbitration. He was a member of the Metropolitan Club in Washington DC and many Detroit area clubs. He married Isabelle Graham Duffield Lothrop on May 12, 1917, who died in the 30s.

I know very little about how he spent his days except that he was a member of the Huron Mountain Club and owned a cabin there inherited from his father. He married Elizabeth Hodges Bonbright, whom I knew as Grandmother, and visited as my brothers and I were growing up. The visit was a formal occasion in the library. We were facing the two and they sat in easy chairs on either side of the fireplace. Christmas day we visited with him in a large living room and ate in the formal dining room. I remember finger bowls of water and lemon and the salt in small elevated silver bowls.

Elisabeth died July 22, 1967, the same day Munroe's brother Douglas died. I had seen both Grandaddy and Great Uncle Douglas at Jennings Hospital a few months before. i was recovering from having a cyst removed from my back, Granddaddy was seeing Dr. Hartzell after having fallen on his face and great Uncle Douglas was being diagnosed with lung cancer. Munroe died May 30, 1970, I think of prostate cancer.

600 Union Trust Bldg, Detroit, Mich., was a business address used by Munroe's father. Munroe resided on Lakeland Rd., Grosse Pointe, Mich. while Harry and George were growing up. In his old age, my parents, brothers and I visited him and wife Elizabeth at his residence at 4 Lake Court in Grosse Pointe.

Munroe was President of the Society of Arts and Crafts
Meeting in Boston in the spring of 1897, a small group of architects, educators, craftspeople, and collectors organized the first crafts exhibition to be held in this country. The work of more than 100 craft artists was featured.

The success of this first exhibition provoked the organization of The Society of Arts and Crafts, its purpose being "to develop and encourage higher standards in the handicrafts."

The term "arts and crafts" was coined in England in the late nineteenth century and used to describe a growing movement designed to revive the decorative arts. Led by figures like William Morris (1834-1896), the English poet, artist, craftsman, designer, social reformer and printer - the Arts and Crafts Movement had at its core the idea of handmade objects that were both beautiful and useful in everyday life. By the mid-nineteenth century, cheap factory-made goods had almost entirely driven handcraftsmen and women from their trades. The old methods of making handsome, everyday objects by hand, developed and passed down over the centuries, were nearly lost.

The Society is still based in Boston in its own galleries and sponsors exhibitions, the Excellence in Crafts Award and educational programs, and over 400 artists.

1885 Munroe is born
1890 Isabella is born
1917 Munroe and Isabella are married.
1921 May, Son Harry is born
1922 Sept. Son George is born
1930s Harry attends school in Switzerland
1938 Isabelle dies
1939 Harry graduates from St Georges School, residence Lakeland Ave. Grosse Pointe. Enters Harvard
1940 George graduates from St Georges School.
1943 Harry graduates from Harvard


Isabella Lothrop Campbell (1890-1938) was the daughter of Charles Bradley Lothrop and Isabella Graham Bethune Stewart. Her grandfathers were Dr. Morse Stewart and George V.N. Lothrop, U.S. ambassador to Russia.

Click here to read about Ambassador Lothrop, a lakefront resident of Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan, neighbor to Dr. Morse Stewart, Isabella's grandfather.


Isabella and her sister Mary are said to have traveled extensively together in their teens and twenties in Europe. These are two large portraits of Isabella as an eighteenth-century young gentleman courtier done on the same day. The one on the left is famous to art historians, painted by the master, William Merritt Chase (1849-1915). The one on the right is by the pupil, Isabella's friend and Chase's mistress Annie Traquair Lang (1885-1918). Chase's painting was a prize that was won by the sitter, the 14-year-old Isabella, for the best costume at Chase's Bruges summer painting school. Chase brought the painting home and showed it at numerous museum exhibitions before returning it to its owner.

Isabella and Munroe's wedding day was May 12, 1917