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A List Of My American Grandparents
John Alden is my most famous grandfather
7 Isabellas in my family line

Mary Christie m. 1762
Lt. Duncan Campbell (1732-1808) 6th Black Watch Highlanders (1759-1765)
and their son Thomas Campbell (1744?-1825 )

Elizabeth Cropsey (b. 1740?) and Thomas Campbell were HM (the first) Campbell's parents. 
My brother wrote me the following in August 2012:

Family tradition has it that Thomas' father was a Duncan Campbell who was born in Scotland and fought with the Black Watch (42nd Highland Regiment) during the French and Indian War.

A reference on Ancestry called "Scottish Settlers in North America" lists dozens of Duncan Campbell's but only one who fought with the Black Watch... "Duncan Campbell, born in Scotland, Officer in the 42nd (Black Watch) Regt., fought in the French and Indian War, Settled in America, father of Duncan, John, Thomas and Archibald."

The same source lists a "Duncan Campbell, son of Lt. Duncan Campbell, born 1732, married to Mary Christie in 1762, died in 1808 in America". And also a "Thomas Campbell, born in 1744 in Scotland, son of Lt. Duncan Campbell, died in New York in 1825 (which coincides exactly with all other birth/death dates for the father of Henry M #1). Interestingly, both of those children would have been born in Scotland because the Black Watch arrived in Albany NY in 1756 -- unless Duncan the Lieutenant enlisted as a resident of NA, which is very unlikely because he was an officer.

So -- I think we may have found the missing Duncan Campbell, father of Thomas, and we can also conclude he was a lieutenant in the Black Watch.

Then I looked up the officer lists on the 42nd Highlanders website (www.42ndrhr.org/officers.php) and found a Lieutenant Duncan Campbell in the lists for 1759 - 1765. That site recommends a rather expensive book of short biographies of all scottish officers in NA during that time period, which I will probably break down and buy to learn more. But first I'll see what I can learn online, and I'll keep you posted.

       from my brother H M (the sixth) Campbell IV

Thomas is buried in Stillwater, NY.

His tombstone can still be seen in Stillwater, NY.

Background from Wikipedia:  The Black Watch in America
"An Officer & Serjeant of a Highland Regiment." Illustration depicting soldiers of the 42nd (Highland) Regiment of Foot, c. 1790s.

During the French and Indian War, at the first battle of Ticonderoga, also known as the Battle of Carillon (1758), the regiment lost over half of its men in assault. At that time they were already officially recognized as a Royal regiment. The second battalion of the Black Watch was sent to the Caribbean but after the losses of Ticonderoga, the two battalions were consolidated in New York. The regiment was present at the second battle of Ticonderoga in 1759 and the surrender of Montreal in 1760. They were sent to the West Indies again where they saw action at Havana, Martinique and Guadeloupe.

Between 1758 and 1767 it served in America. In August 1763, the Black Watch fought in the Battle of Bushy Run while trying to relieve Fort Pitt, modern Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, during Pontiac's Rebellion.[4] The regiment went to Cork, Ireland in 1767 and returned to Scotland in 1775.

During the American Revolutionary War, the regiment was involved in the defeat of George Washington in the Battle of Long Island and the later battles of Harlem, Brandywine, Germantown (Light Company only), Monmouth and the siege of Charleston. The regiment returned to Glasgow in 1790..