The Stewarts

A List Of My American Grandparents
John Alden is my most famous grandfather
7 Isabellas in my family line

Alexander Stewart was my great x 6 grandfather.

(5) Alexander Stewart, (1675-1742) and Margaret Dixon (1677-1725) our g6gps.

both from Ballymena in Antrim, "Scots-Irish," because they were originally Scots Presbyterians settled in the north of Ireland by Oliver Cromwell in the 1640s. both died at Voluntown Connecticut.

(6) one son, named Samuel Stewart (1720-1784) my g5gf, who was born either at Ballymena or on board the ship taking the family to Connecticut.

married Elizabeth Kennedy,() of Voluntown (the place was evidently a hotbed of Scots-Irish), in 1741 at Glasgow in (then) New London County. The name of this place testifies to the great number of Scots who found themselves in New England before the Revolution. A great many of them were "movers," front-runners in the great migration that grew from a trickle to a flood once the war freed the lands west of the Alleganies.

(7) Samuel Stewart Jr.(1761-1842), g4gf born at Voluntown in 1761 and died at Junius in Seneca County, N.Y., in 1842. He married Rebecca Barnet(1757-1840) who was born at Plainfield, another town then in New London County, and died at Junius in 1840. The marriage took place in 1781 at Voluntown, and their children were born there, at Ogdensburg in St. Lawrence Co., and at Junius.

(8) eldest was George Dorrance Stewart (1782-1825) my g3gf

married Harriet Benham (1790-1825)(born 1790 in Amenia, Columbia Co.) in Penn Yan; and died at Bethel (now Gorham) in 1825 at the age of 43.

(9) Dr. Morse Stewart b. (1818-1906) married Sarah, niece of Eurotas P. Hastings, on Dec. 21, 1847. She died a year later, soon after the birth of a daughter. In 1852 his second marriage was to Isabella Duffield, my g2gm and they had five children. Dr. Morse Stewart died in Detroit in 1906.

(10) isabelle Stewart my g1gm married Charles Bradley Lothrop a neighbor, son of George Van ness Lothrop

(11) Isabella Lothrop married HM campbell jr

my hgrandmother

George Dorrance Stewart

Isabella Stewart was one of the 7 Isabellas

Dr. Morse Stewart MD