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Dan Moulton (1806-1875)

Dan Alonzo Moulton was born on 9 JAN 1806 in Randolph,VT."He emigrated to Richfield, Ohio in 1828, where he married Adaline Wallace. His uncle, Rev. James Miles performed the ceremony. Dan was a carpenter and bridge contractor and built many of these structures in the early days of Ohio's statehood. He was a staunch Whig in politics and took an active part in the political campaigns of his party. He was a great admirer of Clay and Webster and later, as an abolitionist, he voted for Abraham Lincoln and against the Fugitive Slave Law. He was one of the best informed men of his day and possessed a memory for dates and events that was truly remarkable. He served a year in the Quartermaster's Dept in WV with his son, Col. Charles W Moulton, during the Civil War." -from "Moulton Annals" by Henry W. Moulton (Chicago, 1906), pp. 83, 96-97, 136-137. He died on 11 MAY 1875 in Des Moines,IA.

Father: Dan Alonzo Moulton b: 20 JUN 1773 in Monson,MA
Mother: Maria Miles

Marriage 1 Adaline Wallace b: 16 MAR 1811 in Petersham,OH

* Married: 8 NOV 1829 in Richfield,OH 1


1. Charles William Moulton b: 16 DEC 1830 in Richfield,OH

2. Harriet Maria Moulton b: 5 FEB 1834 in Ohio

3.Sarah Elvira Moulton b: 24 JUN 1837 in Granger,OH

4. Sabina Celestia Moulton b: 12 APR 1841

5. John Henry Moulton b: 23 JAN 1843

6. Dan Alonzo Moulton b: 6 SEP 1850