The Family of Wendy Williams Campbell

Roger Wolcott Williams and Carolyn Boyd (b.1924)

Milton Rogers Williams
Polly Stuart Williams (1954-2010)
Not Related to early American Williams
Gov. Roger Wolcott (1679-1767)
Maternal Grandparents Lt Harold W Boyd (1918-1968) and Ruth S Boyd (1896-1989)
Roger Wolcott Williams and Carolyn Boyd (b.1924)

Wendy and Polly's parents

Roger Williams and Carolyn Elaine Boyd both b. 1924 were married on August 17, 1946. According to the society page of the Dayton Daily News, they lived in Oxford, Ohio, "where Roger will be entering Miami University.

They have been lucky enough to obtain a room in a private house and for the past several months have been combing the attics of their homes to find suitable furniture to take with them. Evidently they have the situation well under control as their furniture includes among other things book shelves, a chest of drawers and shelves. On these items they have painted oil quaint peasants and dainty flowers, which they copied from a book of designs by Peter Hunt. You can count on their room being a bright and colorful place as the background for their artistic work they have painted various pastel shades. For instance their dresser drawers are painted all different colors of the palest of paint. However they have the greatest feeling of pride for their record cabinets, which originally were orange crates they acquired from the rear of grocery stores. These they painted yellow and added a bit of Sweden to dress them up and match the rest of their belongings. 

Roger later worked at his father's firm, Lorenz and Williams. Wendy was born in 1950 Polly in 1954 and the family lived on 754 E Schantz and Greenmount in Oakwood south of Dayton, Ohio.