The Family of Wendy Williams Campbell

Polly Stuart Williams (1954-2010)

Milton Rogers Williams
Polly Stuart Williams (1954-2010)
Not Related to early American Williams
Gov. Roger Wolcott (1679-1767)
Maternal Grandparents Lt Harold W Boyd (1918-1968) and Ruth S Boyd (1896-1989)
Roger Wolcott Williams and Carolyn Boyd (b.1924)

Polly is Wendy's only sibling, her younger sister. 


Polly Williams was an avid walker who grew up and lived her life in and around Oakwood, suburb of Dayton, Ohio. She was well known and liked in the community and hung out at Central Perk. . Polly worked at InfoCision, in Riverside as a communicator where she was inducted into the Hall of Fame. Polly enjoyed watching and listening to classic movies and oldies music. She also loved to attend concerts. She graduated from Miami Valley School and Oakwood High School (1973) and also attended the University of Dayton.
She lived for a time in Santa Cruz, California and loved to visit there.


I wanted to write and say a huge thank-you to Goldmine for the great articles on Donovan and Steppenwolf (#737, Oct. 24, 2008) … two of my favorites acts from the 1960s… actually, two of my favorites of all time!

I recently ordered the Donovan DVD, and it is terrific! Donovan should be very proud of himself and all that he has accomplished in his lifetime and all the phenomenal and magical music he has given to the world. For him to assume an “aw, shucks” demeanor would be not only unrealistic, it would also be downright absurd!

To all Steppenwolf fans… if you have yet to read John Kay’s autobiography, “Magic Carpet Ride,” I highly recommend you read it. John Kay has had quite an amazing life, and their music has stood the test of time.

Also, to T.J. Tjernlund of Las Vegas, I wholeheartedly agree that these bands, The Zombies, Chad and Jeremy and Peter and Gordon have lost nothing over the years. I still have yet to see Chad and Jeremy in a live show, but I saw Peter and Gordon and The Zombies at the benefit concert for Mike Smith at the B.B. King Club in New York in 2005, and it was definitely a night to remember!

The entire audience was floored by Peter and Gordon’s stellar performance. And the Zombies, although late through no fault of their own, gave a great performance as well. They had been involved in a mishap with their plane, and David Letterman was kind enough to dispatch a plane to get them to the venue in time for them to give two shows.

I am looking forward to Part Two of the interview with Donovan.

— Polly Williams
Dayton, Ohio


Polly could have been talking about herself when she wrote this upon the passing of Peter Waller of the singing group Peter and Gordon.

Gordon will be sadly missed. I am so thankful for the times I did get to see and meet him over the years.. what a lovely man he was... Gordon always impressed me as being a very tormented soul with a heart of gold. There will never be another Gordon Waller.

Posted by Polly Williams from Dayton, Ohio on July 28, 2009