Bill Campbell's ancestors

A List Of My American Grandparents
John Alden is my most famous grandfather
7 Isabellas in my family line

The Family of Bill Campbell

My parents: Ann and Harry Campbell (b.1922 and 1921)

Grandparents on my father's side, Isabelle and Munroe Campbell (b. 1885)

Grandparents on my mother's side, Sara and Ledge Mitchell

Great Grandparents Generation (1850-1925) too young to fight in the Civil War, too old to fight in the first world war,educated in the "Reconstruction" period of American history, automobiles are a novelty but railroads are the latest method of transportation, electrical lighting and telephone communications. Contemporaries of Theodore Roosevelt. > CAMPBELL Henry M. (1854-1926) & BERTENSHAW, Caroline Boardman of Grosse Pointe, MI
LOTHROP, Charles Bradley and STEWART, Isabella Graham Bethune of Grosse Pointe Michigan
MITCHELL, Richard Hannaford (1850-1925) & LINCOLN, Mary Lucia (1850-1937) of Cincinnati, OH
SHERMAN, Frank Allen (1856-1902) and BACON, Ada Louise (1868-1900) of Des Moines, Iowa

Great x2 Grandparents generation (1815-1900) Michigan became a state in 1826, copper and iron ore discovered in northern Michigan. They are in their forties during the Civil war, a bit younger than Abraham Lincoln. The primary means of transportation is horse-powered with ships, canals and later railroads, telegraph communications. Houses were lit by oil lamps.
CAMPBELL, James Valentine (1823-1890) & HOTCHKISS, Cornelia (1823-1888 ) of Detroit, MI
BURTENSHAW, James (b Eng 1818) & Caroline (b CT 1824)
LOTHROP, George Van Ness (1817-1897) and STRONG, Almira of Detroit and Grosse Pointe Farms
STEWART, Dr. Morse and DUFFIELD, Isabella Graham Bethune
MITCHELL, Robert (1811-1899) & wife of Cincinnati Ohio
LINCOLN, Timothy Danielson & CLARKE, Mary Snelling
SHERMAN, Hoyt (1827-1904) & MOULTIN, Sarah Elvira (1837-1887) of Des Moines, Iowa
BACON, George Smith b: 1825 and BEDSAUL, Caroline Meredith b: 1829 of Des Moines, Iowa

Known Gx3 Grandparents, the developing west is a wilderness, fighting in the War of 1812 against the British, canals built to go west. Andrew Jackson their contemporary, the first president from the west (Tennessee), rifle developed, Pony Express

CAMPBELL, Judge HM Campbell (1783-1842) and BUSHNELL, Lois (1786-1876) of Buffalo NY and Detroit, Mich

HOTCHKISS parents of Oneida Castle, NY

LOTHROP, Howard and WILLIAMS, Sally of Easton, Fairfield County, Conn

STRONG, Oliver and wife

MITCHELL Robert's parents in Ireland

CLARKE, Maj. Nathan Clarke & Charlotte Ann Seymour (1794-1873)

SHERMAN, Charles Robert Sherman & Mary Hoyt,

of Lancaster Ohio (parents of Gen Sherman)

Known Gx4 Grandparents

CAMPBELL of Ulster Co., New York

BUSHNELL, Abraham (1744-1824) and ENSIGN, Mary (Molly); of Canaan Fall, CT, owners of the town carding mill

SHERMAN, Taylor & STODDARD, Elizabeth of Norwalk, Fairfield County, Connecticut

Known Gx5 Grandparents

ENSIGN, John (captain in the revolutionary war) and Mary Sedgewick (1726-1805)